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  • ANA First Class Round-Trip As Low As 88.5k Points

ANA First Class Round-Trip As Low As 88.5k Points

and paying "annual fees" for "zero" spend requirements via Bilt

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From potential 88.5k round-trip ANA first-class flights to 50% off one of the best credit card tools, this week has got it all.

Today’s in-flight entertainment:

🧠 Strats/Hacks/Tricks: Bilt - Paying “Annual Fees” For “Zero” Spend Requirements

⏳️ Time-Sensitive: 
• Massive 200k Offer On AMEX Business Platinum
• 30% Citi Transfer Bonus to Virgin Atlantic

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• ICYMI - Last week we discussed how to get partial refunds from Southwest after you’ve booked your flights. If you have flights with them from 03/05 to 05/29, now’s the perfect time to try during the sale.

• AMEX added family rules to the Green and Morgan Stanley Platinum cards. If you want the signup bonuses for all of them, you now have to go Green > Gold > Platinum.

• United released their new MilePlay promotions. There are different offers so check what you received here. Mine: Book + take 2 trips for 13k miles.

• Bilt released their tiered milestone rewards. They really dropped the ball with these. Take a look here.

• T-Mobile launches Magenta Status, giving 15% Hilton discounts and Hilton Silver Status, free rental car fuel + EV charging, $5 movie tickets, & more.

Merchant offers are one of the largest and most underutilized perks of credit cards.

Thousands of brands advertise on your credit cards via merchant offers to compete for your business. The number of offers ramp up exponentially the more cards you have, making it nearly impossible to pick and choose through them all.

Just look at my dashboard:

Who has the time to browse through 2,008 offers?

Tools that 1) automatically add all offers across all credit cards and 2) allow you to search thousands of offers & favorite them are absolute game-changers.

Not only does CardPointers do this, but the mobile app even has an AutoPilot feature that identifies nearby stores and recommends the most optimal card to make purchases with.

Fly EnPoints readers get 50% off until 02/16 as part of CardPointer’s 5-year birthday sale:

  • Annual subscription: $60 $30

  • Lifetime subscription: $200 $100 + a $100 Savings Card (so it’s basically free)

I’ve already gotten $1k+ back in savings by using CardPointers, making these price points an absolute no-brainer.

If you still have doubts, check out the walkthrough video here. Don’t miss out!

Bilt - Paying “Annual Fees” For “Zero” Spend Requirements

For those who don’t know yet, Bilt is a credit card that allows you to pay rent without CC fees (referral).

Bilt assigns you a routing/account number that serves as your “bank” account to pay rent. Due to this, you’re able to bypass fees.

Historically, paying your rent with credit would cost you ~3% in fees. $3k/mo rent = $90 in fees, or $1,080 a year.

With Bilt, not only do you not pay the $1,080, but you also earn 1x points. In the above example, that’s 3k points/mo, or 36k points/yr.

These points can be stretched far, especially when considering the airline transfer bonuses Bilt has had (Virgin Atlantic, Flying Blue, Air Canada, Emirates).

Recently, Bilt introduced the ability to pay rent with any credit card. The caveat is that it does have the 3% fee (vs. Plastiq @ 2.9%) and you only earn a measly 250 Bilt points.

There are some very specific use cases where paying the fee makes sense.

Here’s a scenario: You have a $6,000 minimum spend requirement for a $0 annual fee card. To hit this amount, you consider putting all $6,000 toward rent payments. At 3% fees, this costs you $180.

The $180 sounds like a lot, but it depends on how you frame it. You can think of it as an additional one-time “annual fee” in exchange for “zero” spend requirement.

When you put it that way, it makes a little more sense. We frequently discuss premium cards with higher recurring annual fees, in the $300-$695 range.

There are even rare situations where you could come out net positive post-fees depending on the non-Bilt card you use.

Regardless, it’s clear that Bilt constantly improving its product offerings. They’re in the process of expanding their mortgage payment offerings which will massively increase the program’s value when released.

If you’ve got rent or mortgage payments, definitely consider the Bilt card.

Massive 200k Offer On AMEX Business Platinum

This is a targeted offer. Search your “Offers” tab in-app to see if you have it.

The fine print doesn’t have lifetime language and the offer is 200k MR points after $15k spend in 3 months.

30% Citi Transfer Bonus to Virgin Atlantic

From 02/18 to 03/16, Citi will have a 30% transfer bonus to Virgin Atlantic.

If you’re considering preemptively transferring points over without a specific redemption in mind, this isn’t a bad choice as Virgin Atlantic miles don’t expire. I still don’t recommend it though.

Here are some amazing example redemptions to get your brain juices flowing:

ANA First Class - Round-trip from 115k points to 170k points ( or 88.5k to 130.8k points with transfer bonus)

Image credit: ANA

Delta Business Class - US to Europe in one-way business for 50k points (or 38.5k with transfer bonus)

Image credit: Delta


Automatically add, favorite, and search all merchant offers on every credit card with a single click via CardPointers+ (FEP readers get 30% off).

AMEX (login at americanexpress.com to check)

• Spectrum – Cable, Internet, Telephone & Wireless: $50 back on $50+ spend | Expires 03/31
• Caesars Rewards Las Vegas Destinations: $40 back on $200+ spend | Expires 05/31
• The LINE Hotels: $60 back on $300+ spend | Expires 06/18

Chase (login at chase.com to check)

• Circle K Pay-at-Pump: 2% off up to $1.5 | Expires 02/29
• ClassPass: $7 back on $19+ spend | Expires 03/24
• CVS: 10% off up to $5 | Expires 03/29
• Lululemon: 10% off up to $16 | Expires 03/31


• Office Depot/Max: $15 off per $300+ spend on Mastercard gift cards | Limit 5 discounts per household | Between 02/11 to 02/17 |


That’ll do it!

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