Hey! My name’s Aaron.

In my youth, I felt an overwhelming obligation to retire my parents and send them on vacations.

Many of you can relate. The problem is I was missing the one thing I needed to make this happen.


In the absence of money, I got creative and stumbled into the world of credit card points. My personality is obsessive. I went deep into the rabbit hole and figured out how to repeatedly game the system.

This is probably what you’re here for as well. Make sure to read my free 5-series ultimate guide on credit cards, bank accounts, and credit scores.

I discovered sustainable strategies that I’ve looped and honed over the last 12+ years.

I never increased my spending. Never paid a single cent in credit card interest. As a result, I know these techniques work for anyone regardless of their spending patterns.

My numbers (as of mid-2023):

  • Credit Card Points: 5,000,000+

  • Credit Cards: 33 and counting

  • Bank Accounts: 82 and counting

  • Bank Account Bonuses: $15,000+

  • Credit score: 800+

I’ve heard dismissive comments saying, “You probably spend an insane amount of time doing this.”

I spend less than 100 hours a year on this. 8.3 hours a month. 2.1 hours a week. 18 minutes a day.

What has all this knowledge enabled?

  • Took my parents and grandmother to Grand Hyatt Kauai for a week. Before this, it had been decades since they last went on a vacation to Hawaii. I teared up a bit.

  • Highly-coveted First class flights on ANA to Japan. I found 6 other friends the same thing a few days apart. One couple was on a separate honeymoon trip.

  • 1 week on an ultra-inclusive semi-private island. Ask ChatGPT about Calala Island. It’s like The White Lotus and is likely the pinnacle of client service.

  • Maldives in overwater bungalows. I took two bros instead of a SO but it was still worth it. Hilarious, I know. Everything was priced in 2s and some looked at us funny.

  • Flights for old apartment-mates to make a Banff trip happen when cost would have prevented it. We still talk about this trip to this day. Memories are forever.

Most importantly, it’s given me the ability to gift these experiences to my loved ones and closest friends.

The memories are truly, truly priceless.

Why am I sharing how to do this?

In the decade-plus that I’ve been at it, my closest friends still ask me the same questions:

  • What card should I get?

  • How do I redeem this flight?

  • Where can I find these things?

I realized I live in a bubble with this knowledge. There’s a huge population out there oblivious to what is possible with credit cards. Some are misinformed. Some are terrified.

This is what I hope to solve.

Finally, let me just say this: Experiences are not zero-sum.

They’re meant to be shared and there’s more than enough to go around for everybody. It would bring me a lot of joy to enable others to create these experiences for themselves.

If you’re reading this, you understand the pricelessness of experiences and probably want to create the same for yourself. I hope to be of assistance!

Now, since it lends to credibility, here’s my background.

  • Investment Banking. Did numerous M&A deals in adtech & media.

  • Business Strategy in a Series C/D startup. Worked directly on a $200mm raise.

Basically, I’m good with numbers, spreadsheets, & Excel. Hopefully, this convinces you I know a few things about financial concepts.

See you on the other side of the world.