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  • WARNING - New MNBE AMEX Business Gold 130k Link

WARNING - New MNBE AMEX Business Gold 130k Link

and 56.7k pts for business class to Frankfurt

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Today’s in-flight entertainment:

🧠 Strats/Hacks/Tricks: New MNBE AMEX Business Gold 130k Link - WARNING

⏳️ Time-Sensitive: 
• Singapore Airlines Spontaneous Escapes - 56.7k points to Frankfurt from JFK
• Barclays Aviator Red World Elite MasterCard - 75k AA Points

☁️ On Points: St. Regis Red Sea Resort - Saudi Arabia

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• American Airlines made positive changes to their AAdvantage program. Make sure you’re informed about the new benefits.

• Marriot’s Nightly Upgrade Awards changes are now live. IMO this is a negative change as upgrades now include premium rooms, not just suites.

Enter your work email and see if your company is eligible for Hyatt’s Status Challenge. You immediately get trial Explorist status and can register for this challenge once every 3 years.

• IHG is giving 15% off award night redemptions to all IHG members. Valid on stays of up to 3 nights, book by 01/14, stay by 02/22.

New MNBE AMEX Business Gold 130k Link - WARNING

As a refresher, MNBE stands for “may not be eligible” which has mostly replaced the old NLL, or no-lifetime language, links.

These links are important because as long as you don’t get an ineligibility pop-up once you submit your application, you’re able to get the sign-up bonus for the card.

We previously discussed the perks of the AMEX Biz Gold card when it had its all-time high offer of 150k. 130k is still a no-brainer as most links sit around the 90k-110k range.

WARNING: While many have reported that this link does not give a pop-up, AMEX has been pulling some funny business where the sign-up offers are not attached to the approved card.

If you apply, make sure to chat with customer support and ask them to double-check that your offer is properly attached.

Great timing on the link as it’s tax season. Whether you owe taxes or not, you know what to do.

Singapore Airlines 777 business class via One Mile At A Time

Singapore KrisFlyer’s monthly promotions, named Spontaneous Escapes, have just landed.

Most notably, you can fly from JFK to Frankfurt for 56.7k points in business class one-way between 02/01 and 02/29.

Note that you can’t cancel/change flights booked via Spontaneous Escapes. Consider the option of booking the same route on Air Canada’s Aeroplan for 60k points, which does allow you to change/cancel.

Singapore miles can be transferred from AMEX, Chase, Citi, & Capital One. And - oh would you look at that - there’s that 130k AMEX Biz Gold offer above, as well as the Chase Ink 90k offers that expire in 2 days.

To find availability:

Barclays Aviator Red World Elite MasterCard - 75k AA Points

If you’re waiting for your Chase Ink and AMEX Business timers to reset, this Aviator Red card offering 75k AA points is a great option.

Word is this offer expires at the end of the month which I believe as the public links have been pulled.

The bonus is incredibly easy to get:

  • 60k miles - make 1 purchase and pay annual fee within 90 days

  • 15k miles - add an authorized user and make a purchase on the AU card within 90 days

The only way to apply is via referrals. Tragically, I don’t have a link for you guys, but you can pick any random one from here and pay it forward to an internet stranger.

I know that, in your heart, you would much rather be supporting me though 💓.

AA miles are becoming a stronger currency now given recent program improvements. There are some amazing redemptions, such as Japan Airlines’ brand-new premium cabins.

St. Regis Red Sea Resort - Sunset Coral Villa

St. Regis Red Sea Resort - Suite

St. Regis Red Sea Resort - Dining

This brand-new hotel launched a bit under the radar without much fanfare. It’s part of Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea Project to build a dozen hotels by 2030.

These hotels will be spread across 28,000 km of the country’s west coast and a group of 90 natural islands off the coast.

The St. Regis Red Sea Resort is, of course, located on a private island that boasts large entry-level rooms of 807 sq. ft. Each room will come with an outdoor terrace containing a pool.

The only way to get to the island is by seaplane or chartered yacht, the latter of which is included in your room rate.

Keep an eye on the points cost for rooms. Currently, they’re not a great deal, sitting at over 160k Marriott points per night. Points pricing is tied to occupancy rates and the popularity of this hotel is yet to be seen. There may be deals to be had soon.


Automatically add, favorite, and search all merchant offers on every credit card with a single click via CardPointers+ (FEP readers get 30% off).

AMEX (login at americanexpress.com to check)

• Virgin Atlantic Airways: $300 back on $2,000+ spend | Expires 02/11 
• Save on your Insurance Bill: 5% off up to $20 | Enroll by 05/10, pay by 12/31
• Marriott: 20% back up to $60 max | US, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean | Expires 03/31

Chase (login at chase.com to check)

• Target: 10% off up to $12 | Expires 02/11
IKEA: 10% off up to $27 | Expires 02/15
• Office Depot: 10% off up to $11 | Expires 02/17
ARCO Pay-at-Pump: 3% off up to $2.5 | Expires 02/22
• Lyft: 10% off up to $3 | Expires 02/24


• Office Depot/Max: Buy $300 in Mastercard GCs and get a $15 discount.
• Amazon: Add your Discover card and get $10 off at checkout. Check eligibility here.
Amazon: Add $100+ to your Amazon balance and get a $12 bonus. Check eligibility here.
Amazon: Get $10 off $75+ by using 1 Discover point during Amazon checkout. Check eligibility here.


Drafting a petition for this right now

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