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  • Rakuten 25-30x AMEX Points + Amazing Chase Sapphire 75k

Rakuten 25-30x AMEX Points + Amazing Chase Sapphire 75k

and whether the Cardless credit cards (Qatar) are worth it

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Potentially RIP to MDD. Really not that big of a deal though because all we really care about are business cards, right…right?

Today’s in-flight entertainment:

🧠 Strats/Hacks/Tricks: Rakuten’s Massive 25-30x (aka 25-30% off) Big Give Week

⏳️ Time-Sensitive: 

  • Chase Sapphire 75k Bonuses Available Online

  • Chase Freedom Flex Potential 120k SUB

  • Cardless Qatar Airways 45K-60K SUB

☁️ On Points: Chase 30%/40% Transfer Bonuses to Virgin Atlantic/Marriott

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  • ICYMI - Rakuten, the only online shopping portal that gives AMEX points back, has massive deals this week. See below.

  • Hilton has a targeted promo giving 3k points on your next stay. Check if you’re targeted here by 09/30.

  • AMEX now lets some card members see their card information online. Log in → Account Services → Card Management → View Card Number. (ht DoC)

  • Remember all those Cardless waitlists we signed up for? Turns out you can only get 1 card, can’t change cards, and can’t close your account to open a new card. The only mildly interesting one is the Qatar Airways card, discussed below.

  • Amazon has gift card deals for Mother’s Day (Doordash, Lyft, Uber, Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works, Yankee Candle, etc. - affiliate)

  • Citi is killing the Premier card on 05/09, preparing for the Strata Premier card launch on 05/16 with a SUB of 75k pts for $4k spend. (ht FM, DoC)

Last week, we discussed why Rakuten is essential to your online shopping regimen. It takes zero effort to use - purchases are tracked with a single click from the extension which automatically detects the sites you’re on.

Until 05/13, Rakuten has Big Give Week, which is giving 15-20x (aka 15-20% off) on major brand names. You buy from at least one of these, I’m sure.

Peep that Dell 15% 👀 

Combine this with the new member promotion that gives 10% back on everything up to $40 during the first 30 days, and you’re getting 25-30x AMEX MR points or 25-30% cash back (but why would you choose cash?).

As of writing, NordVPN is also 100x/100% cash back, so it’s free 99.

New members can claim the extra 10% back here. Thanks in advance to anyone who uses my referral.

Chase Sapphire 75k Bonuses Available Online

As we predicted last week, Chase Sapphire 75k bonuses are now available online via direct & referral. Offer details:

Unfortunately, it looks like Chase MDD may finally have been patched as there are numerous DPs of it failing. This means the 1/48 Sapphire rule is fully enforced so pick only one of the two above.

Chase Freedom Flex has a new offer giving 10% back on groceries up to $12k spend. If you max that out, it’s effectively a 120k-point SUB. 🎮️

Notable card details:

  • No annual fee

  • 0% intro APR on purchases and balance transfers for 15 months, then variable APR

  • 5% up to $1.5k quarterly spend on rotating categories

If you’re buying real groceries, this offer variation probably isn’t for you unless you buy an insane amount it. If you’re buying any other type of groceries, this could be worth the 5/24 slot if your count is low.

Learn more about the Chase Freedom Flex here (direct, may need to open in incognito).

Details of the SUB are out:

  • Qatar Airways Privilege Club Signature:

    • 5k Avios waitlist bonus

    • 20k Avios points after 1st transaction

    • 20k Avios points after $3k spend in first 90 days

    • Notable perk: Qatar Privilege Club Silver = oneworld Ruby tier

    • Annual fee: $99

  • Qatar Airways Privilege Club Infinite:

    • 10k Avios waitlist bonus

    • 25k Avios points after 1st transaction

    • 25k Avios points + 150 Qpoints after $5k spend in first 90 days

    • Notable perk: Qatar Privilege Club Gold = oneworld Sapphire tier

    • Annual fee: $499

I’d only consider the more premium Infinite card for the oneworld Sapphire status equivalent. The main benefit is access to oneworld Sapphire lounges in the US including American Flagship Lounges.

If/when you do pick a Cardless card, choose carefully as you can only get one for…forever it seems 🤡.

Chase 30%/40% Transfer Bonuses to Virgin Atlantic/Marriott

Until 06/15, Chase has a 30% transfer bonus to Virgin Atlantic and a 40% transfer bonus to Marriott.

Great value can be found with Virgin Atlantic, but I’d only consider Marriott if you’ve already got a high-value or important redemption in mind and need a top-up.

As a refresher, here are some great redemption ideas with Virgin Atlantic:

ANA First/Business class from US to Japan for 72.5k/45k (55.8k/34.6k with transfer bonus)

ANA’s First Class “The Suite”

US to Europe for 50k (38.5k with transfer bonus) in Delta One (business class)

Example: JFK → KEF for 50k points

Delta One Business Class Seat


Automatically add, favorite, and search all merchant offers on every credit card with a single click via CardPointers (Fly EnPoints readers get 30% off).

AMEX (login at americanexpress.com to check)

  • Earn on your Insurance Payment: 5% off up to $75 | Expires 11/01

  • Wilson Sporting Goods: $20 back after $100+ in purchases | Expires 08/06

Chase (login at chase.com to check)

  • Chewy.com: $15 back after $49+ in purchases | Expires 05/16

  • Turo: $10 back after $100+ in purchases | Expires 06/14


  • Office Depot/Max: $15 off on $300+ Mastercard gift cards | 05/05 - 05/11

    VanillaGift.com: 100% off purchase fees through for Vanilla gift cards with code VGMOM24 | Ends 05/12

  • TheGiftCardShop: 100% off purchase fees for Visa & Mastercard gift cards with code MOM2024 | Ends 05/12

  • MastercardGiftCard.com: 100% off purchase fees with code MOMSDAY2024 | Ends 05/11


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