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  • AMEX 200k-300k Offers, Chase Sapphire 75k-85k, & Rakuten Extra 10% Back

AMEX 200k-300k Offers, Chase Sapphire 75k-85k, & Rakuten Extra 10% Back

and increased offers for multiple worthwhile cards

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I just returned from a 7-night stay at Calala Island (rip Hyatt x SLH) which was truly the pinnacle of unique Hyatt redemptions. Quite a bit happened while I was gone - I’ll try to cover everything briefly.

Today’s in-flight entertainment:

🧠 Strats/Hacks/Tricks: Rakuten - Online Shopping Hack to Get More AMEX MR Points

⏳️ Time-Sensitive: 

  • AMEX Business Platinum 250k-300k/$20k SUBs, 200k/$15k NLL Targeted

  • Chase Sapphire Preferred/Reserve 85k/75k SUBs In Branch

  • AMEX Blue Business Cash/Plus $500/50k SUBs

  • Chase Aeroplan New 100k SUB (70k + 30k)

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  • Hyatt has many targeted offers giving free nights, upgrades, elite nights, and bonus points. Check your emails or go here for a list of all offer links to test. (ht Loyalty Lobby)

  • Cardless has another waitlist for new Avianca cards. Doesn’t hurt to join the waitlist here for an extra 10k points.

  • Best Western’s promo gives 2k pts/night up to 50 nights for a total of 100k pts. Register here between 04/29 - 05/05 for stays by 09/02 at hotels in the US, Canada, or the Caribbean.

  • Hilton’s next Point Plus promo gives 2x points on all stays b/w 05/02 - 09/02. Register here.

  • Delta & AMEX launched a new card design (referral) that is a 33% metal alloy from two retired Delta Boeing 747s. I thought this was cool for 15 minutes until P2 helped me realize I’m not an AV geek.

  • Global Entry fees are increasing to $120 for 5 years, but Citi and Chase will increase their benefit to cover this.

  • Hyatt x Mr. and Mrs. Smith partnership is live, but it looks like award pricing is dynamic and a complete flop. None of these are worth redeeming. (ht Monkey Miles)

  • DOT’s new rules say you’re entitled to full, automatic refunds if your flights are delayed/canceled. See the exact language here.

Until 05/13, Rakuten has a new member offer that gives an extra 10% cashback up to $50 on top of existing portal rates.

An amazing way to use this is to stack it with elevated offers, such as the current 10% back on Dell, giving you 20% OR 20x AMEX MR points on most purchases.

Yes, you read that right. Rakuten is the only online shopping portal that partners with AMEX and allows you to redeem your cash back as AMEX points.

We care about Dell because the AMEX Business Platinum gives $200 semi-annual Dell credit, tying everything together quite nicely.

This means for $1,000 spent on Dell ($800 after your ABP credit), you get 20,000 AMEX MR points.

If you’ve got electronic purchases coming up, the time is ripe. Sign up for Rakuten’s extra 10% back offer now. (referral)

AMEX Business Platinum 250k-300k/$20k SUBs, 200k/$15k NLL Targeted

I’ve yet to pull it myself but people have reported seeing 300k AMEX Business Platinum offers.

You’ll need to employ the standard strategies of incognito, devices, and VPNs to roll for it. The good news is that, as you do this, you should be able to easily pull 250k for $20k which seems to be the new standard spend requirement.

Here are some steps to replicate:

  1. Open browser in incognito using Phoenix/Texas/etc. VPN locations

  2. Google “AMEX business platinum” or some variation of this

  3. Click the first non-sponsored link

  4. Hit the browser back button

  5. Click the first sponsored link

  6. If you get an offer above 150k, let the page sit and automatically expire after 15-20 minutes.

Separately, select people have been sent emails for a targeted 200k/$15k offer that has no lifetime language (NLL).

If you’re within your 1/90 windows, you can recon applications that are up to ~60 days old. Apply now to lock in the offer in the form of a canceled application that you can call to resubmit later.

Chase Sapphire Preferred/Reserve 85k/75k SUBs In Branch

It’s reported that these increased in-branch offers are now live:

  • Chase Sapphire Preferred:

    • 75k points after $4k spend in the first 3 months

    • 10k pts after $6k total spend in first 6 months

  • Chase Sapphire Reserve:

    • 75k points after $4k spend in the first 3 months

If you’re eligible for a Sapphire bonus, google “Chase Sapphire MDD” so you understand how the Chase system works.

I expect we may see online versions of these offers in May so keep your eyes peeled if you prefer staying on the couch.

AMEX Blue Business Cash/Plus $500/50k SUBs

While these aren’t all-time high offers ($750/75k for $15k spend), the bonus ratios are better:

  • AMEX Blue Business Cash

  • AMEX Blue Business Plus

These are solid cards for everyday spending as they earn 2x back on everything up to $50k spend per year. If you just want to turn your brain off and go autopilot, these are two great options.

Chase Aeroplan New 100k SUB (70k + 30k)

The Chase Aeroplan card has an elevated offer again:

  • 70k points after $4k spend in first 3 months

  • 30k points after $20k total spend in first 12 months

The Aeroplan card has always been an amazing option to cash out Chase Ultimate Reward points.

Aeroplan points cash out at 1.25 cents per point for travel with Pay Yourself Back. With a prior Chase transfer bonus of 20% + the Aeroplan card’s benefit of an extra 10% transfer bonus for a total of 30%, Chase UR points could be cashed out at 1.625 cpp on travel.

Said differently, 1 million Chase points is $16,250.

Aeroplan was going to implement a redemption cap of 50k points per calendar year via Pay Yourself Back, but they’ve pushed out the timeline for this to 12/31/24.


Automatically add, favorite, and search all merchant offers on every credit card with a single click via CardPointers (Fly EnPoints readers get 30% off).

AMEX (login at americanexpress.com to check)

  • Expedia.com/amex (Prepaid Hotel Purchases): 10% off up to $125 back | Expires 05/31

  • McDonald's Mobile Order & Pay: $5 back after $15+ in purchases | Expires 06/04

  • Aesop.com: $25 back after $150+ in purchases | Expires 07/01

  • Hyatt: $200 back after $750+ in purchases | Secrets Resorts & Impression by Secrets Resorts in Jamaica, Saint Martin, Spain, Costa Rica & Mexico | Expires 07/14

  • Frontier Airlines: $50 back after $200+ in purchases | Expires 07/15

  • The Global Ambassador Hotel: $200 back after $1,000+ in purchases | Expires 07/29

  • Faire – The online wholesale marketplace: 25% off up to $150 | Expires 10/25

  • Lotte Hotel: $100 back after $500+ in purchases | Expires 10/29 🎮️

Chase (login at chase.com to check)

  • Starbucks: 10% off up to $4.5 | Expires 04/30

  • SeatGeek: 5% off up to $31 back after $50+ in purchases | Expires 05/17

  • IHG Hotels & Resorts: 10% off up to $57 back after $100+ in purchases | Expires 05/20 🎮️

  • Lyft: 10% off up to $4 | Expires 05/21

  • Best Western: 10% off up to $32 back after $100+ in purchases | Expires 05/31


  • Giftory.com: Get 2 AMC movie tickets with drinks & popcorn for $20 using code AMC25 at checkout (stack with Rakuten)

  • Staples: No purchase fee on $200 Visa gift cards | Limit 8 | 04/28 - 05/04

  • HotelSlash: Get free lifetime membership by using code FREE4LIFE. It’s a service that lets you monitor if your hotel room prices have dropped, allowing you to rebook your refundable bookings.


Please let me into your country I promise I’m not a spy.

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