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  • NLL AMEX Biz Gold 70k Offer & New Powerful Hotel Award Search Tools

NLL AMEX Biz Gold 70k Offer & New Powerful Hotel Award Search Tools

and Japan first class for 55.8k points

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Another week, another new credit card link. Is it the return of NLL links?

Today’s in-flight entertainment:

🧠 Strats/Hacks/Tricks: 2 New Free Hotel Award Search Tools That Are a Must

⏳️ Time-Sensitive: 

  • New NLL AMEX Biz Gold 70k Offer (Targeted)

  • Barclays Aviator Red 70k Miles Offer

☁️ On Points: Capital One 30% Transfer Bonus to Virgin Red

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  • ICYMI - Can a 3% cash-back everywhere card exist?

  • Flying Blue Promo Rewards for April are out. At a glance, it’s mostly good for US/Canada → Europe in econ (15k), Quebec → Europe in prem econ (17.5k), and Montreal → Europe in business(37.5k)

  • Chase Aeroplan PYB’s 50k pts/yr limit has been pushed back to 12/31/24 (ht: DoC)

  • Chase Sapphire Reserve PYB categories now include wholesale clubs and pet supplies & services through 06/30/24.

2 New Free Hotel Award Search Tools That Are a Must

Image credit: PointsYeah

First, let’s talk about PointsYeah. It’s one of the top-tier options for award flight searches.

I use PointsYeah with seats.aero to find award availability - the combined coverage of both tools is unmatched.

PointsYeah just released a sister hotel award night search tool and things are very smooth so far. You can already filter by hotel programs or credit card reward currencies, making it incredibly powerful.

This tool’s primary use case is for specific stay dates. For more exploratory purposes or to get a sense of award availability across a range of dates, you’ll still want to use something like MaxMyPoint or Awayz.

Speaking of MaxMyPoint, they just released the second tool we’re covering today: an amazing FHR search tool.

FHR is AMEX’s Fine Hotels + Resorts program which provides complementary benefits such as:

  • $100+ experience credit

  • Early check-in & guaranteed late check-out

  • Free room upgrades

  • Daily breakfast for two

  • Complimentary wifi 🙄 

You can easily assign a monetary value to the $100+ experience credit + daily breakfast. See where I’m going with this?

Netting those benefits against the cheapest hotel rates means you can find free or profitable hotel stays.

MaxFHR helps by surfacing the cheapest rates for all FHR hotels.

Happy searching!

New NLL AMEX Biz Gold 70k Offer (Targeted)

Image credit: American Express

NLL (no lifetime language) links have risen from the dead? It’s been a while since we saw one and this is promising to see.

The 70k offer is much lower than other links online. If you’re not in PUJ (pop-up jail) or have never gotten this card, look elsewhere for offers in the 120-150k range.

If you are in PUJ, this may be a good option to keep your clocks running. Significantly more value to be had if you pair this with one of the upgrade offers, which we’ll discuss next week in a part 2.

Learn more about the NLL AMEX Biz Gold 70k offer here (direct).

Barclays Aviator Red 70k Miles Offer

Image credit: Barclays

Barclays bumped up the AAdvantage Aviator Red World Elite MasterCard offer to 70k although it’s only available via referral right now. The bonus is as follows:

  • 60k miles after making your 1st purchase and paying annual fee in full in the first 90 days

  • 10k miles after adding an AU and making a purchase on the AU card within the first 90 days

  • Annual fee: $99

The all-time high is 75k points but if a friend or family member refers you, you’ll come out ahead on your combined bonuses.

Up to you if you want to wait for the 75k offer to return. Either way, this is an amazing bonus for a card with virtually no spending requirement.

If you’re interested, you can check this thread for referral links from internet strangers and pay it forward.

Capital One 30% Transfer Bonus to Virgin Red

Image credit: Capital One

Until 04/30, Capital One has a 30% transfer bonus to Virgin Red.

If you’re not familiar, Virgin Atlantic is part of Virgin Red. As long as your accounts are linked, you can use Virgin Red points for Virgin Atlantic.

This means the standard sweet spot redemptions apply here. Here are some examples to get your imagination going.

US to Europe for 50k (38.5k with transfer bonus) in Delta One (business class)

Example: JFK → KEF for 50k points

ANA First/Business class from US to Japan for 72.5k/45k (55.8k/34.6 with transfer bonus)

ANA’s First Class “The Suite”

ANA’s First Class (older product)


Automatically add, favorite, and search all merchant offers on every credit card with a single click via CardPointers (Fly EnPoints readers get 30% off).

AMEX (login at americanexpress.com to check)

  • Columbia Sportswear: 10% off up to $30 | Expires 05/01

  • Bose.com: 15% off up to $50 | Expires 05/01

  • EstéeLauder.com: $15 back after $75+ in purchases | Expires 05/30

  • Tory Burch: $100 back after $500+ in purchases | Expires 06/13 🎮️

  • La Prairie Switzerland: $200 back after $500+ in purchases | Expires 06/30

  • Carnival Cruise Line: $150 back after $750+ in purchases | Expires 08/01 🎮️

  • Turo: $20 back after $200+ in purchases | Expires 09/25

  • Best Buy: 1 bonus point per dollar | Expires 09/30

Chase (login at chase.com to check)

  • Kindle: 20% off up to $4 | Expires 04/15

  • Ulta Beauty: 10% off up to $11 | Expires 04/30

  • SeatGeek: 5% off up to $31 back after $50+ in purchases | Expires 05/17


  • Staples: Fee-free Visa gift cards | Limit 8 | 03/31 - 04/06


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