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  • Southwest 85k SUBs & Only 15k Points For US to Europe

Southwest 85k SUBs & Only 15k Points For US to Europe

and unfortunately, Chase Ink referrals are getting nerfed

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I always forget about Turkish since it’s not the easiest to find availability. 7.5k one-way business class to Hawii is insane though. Read on below.

Today’s in-flight entertainment:

🧠 Strats/Hacks/Tricks: Chase Ink Referral Bonus Dropping to 20k

⏳️ Time-Sensitive: 

  • Southwest 85k SUBs On All Personal Cards To Easily Get BOGO Flights For 1.5 Years

  • US to Europe For Only 15k Points (Economy)

☁️ On Points: Citi 50% Transfer Bonus to Turkish Airlines Means 7.5k One-Way Business Class To Hawaii

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Chase Ink Referral Bonus Dropping to 20k

Image credit: Chase

Unfortunately, the Chase referral page shows the Chase Ink 40k referral bonus ending on 09/03.

For those unaware, you could easily capitalize on this by referring cards back and forth between your S/O, parents, siblings, etc. It didn’t matter if they had the same address.

Chase Ink approvals seem to have loosened up if you’ve tailored your profile to stay beneath their speculated rejection thresholds:

  • Be under 4-5 Inks when applying

  • Stay below 40% credit limit to income ratio

  • Don’t call recon if you go pending

Once the referral bonus drops to 20k, the occasional 120k links suddenly become even more enticing. These 20k/40k referral bonuses are taxed - keep that in mind when you’re doing the math.

I’ll be milking this until the very last day.

Image crtedit: Southwest

Until 06/26, all 3 Southwest personal cards will have an all-time high SUB of 85k points:

  • Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus

    • 85k points after $3k spend in first 3 months

    • Annual fee: $69

  • Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier

    • 85k points after $3k spend in first 3 months

    • Annual fee: $99

  • Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority

    • 85k points after $3k spend in first 3 months

    • Annual fee: $149

They’re more or less the same cards. It just comes down to whether you’re a Southwest maximalist.

The Southwest Companion Pass can be earned at 135,000 Southwest points and gives you BOGO flights for:

  • remainder of the year you earn it in

  • entirety of the following calendar year

I wrote about the best strategy to maximize your Companion Pass duration a while back.

Basically, you can pick any personal + business card combo and immediately qualify for Companion Pass. Earning it this month will allow you to use it for the next 1.5 years.

Image credit: Flying Blue

Flying Blue’s monthly promos have come around again. This month, they have US flights to Europe for as low as 15k points in economy. Cities include but are not limited to:

  • Boston

  • Washington

  • Houston

  • New York

  • Phoenix

  • Seattle

Book in June for travel until 11/30.

Some of these routes have 50k business class availability though they’re not discounted through the promo this time. If you want to search for these, use seat.aero’s Flying Blue explore tool.

Citi 50% Transfer Bonus to Turkish Airlines Means 7.5k One-Way Business Class To Hawaii

This promo is run directly by Turkish Airlines and ends on 06/15.

Citi transfers get 50% bonus miles up to a maximum of 50k bonus miles. These are great for redeeming Turkish business class from the US to Europe/Middle East.

Image credit: Turkish Airlines

Image credit: TheDesignAir

There are also sweet spot redemptions (used to be sweeter) such as one-way transcon US flights starting at 10k for econ and 15k for business. It’s hard to find though, and, strangely, the new award charts show even higher pricing.

I found close-in availability on June 10th. With the transfer bonus, you can fly to Hawaii for 10.0k miles in business class. Absolutely insane.


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Chase (login at chase.com to check)

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